Is HomePod made for general use in the home only, or is it powerful enough to use for a house party without dropping sound quality?

  • Asked by fn

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    Depends how crazy the party is, if you mean a frat party, probably not, but a party with less than 20 people probably.

    • Answered by Royston P from Sydney
    • 7 Feb 2018
  • This will greatly depend on your specific setup. A single HomePod can get decently loud, but I wouldn't exactly say it would drown out a loud crowd. A stereo pair will give you vastly better audio output and is much, much louder. For a 495 sq ft studio apartment (or room), it is more than sufficient. For a large home with multiple rooms or floors, you would need to invest in more than one.

    • Answered by Stephen W from Portland
    • 4 Apr 2019