Can you use a wireless dongle with the ipad2 - does the ipad2 have a usb port?

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    Well if you mean the way most folks think about a USB port - plug my USB thumbdrive directly into my IPAD without a special adapter - the answer is No.

    • Answered by Charles B from Rochester
    • Jun 2, 2012
  • Wireless as in Bluetooth, yes, you can use bluetooth devices.
    A "dongle"???? What do you mean??? I have a GPS device that is nothing more than a chip that plugs into the iPad port and provides gps to my wireless iPad, that could be a dongle. I don't have the cellular model that comes with gps just the wireless model. The software for running my gps is free and is called "Ultimate GPS".

    • Answered by Terry B from Delta
    • Jul 12, 2012