i am not sure which ipad 3 to get either the 16gb or 32gb i dont download music much but i may want to download a movie

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    It depends of how many movies 16gb will give you about 3-10.32gb will give you 5-20 movies

    • Answered by Elijah R from Corpus Christi
    • Jun 24, 2012
  • ill go for the 32 gb if you are going to download lots of apps and music but the 16 gb is good too if your a mild user and your not going to download that many apps.

    • Answered by Kevin S
    • Oct 24, 2012
  • Always go with the most you can go. Think about it. You may not download music "now" but unless you stay exactly as you are right now that may be true. But we all constantly grow and evolve. Things change except for the memory on the iPad. It does not. Do really want to chance that you "won't" grow? New contacts, new likes, new games, new apps, "new music maybe?"

    • Answered by Frank S from San Antonio
    • Oct 29, 2012