What is the best for me an Ipad or a Laptop? I work with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel (Office)..

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    Natively, there is no support for Microsoft Office documents on an iDevice (I don't think there has been on any smart phone or mobile computing platform other than perhaps microsoft's own, mostly failed historically, offerings). Of course, natively there is no support for iWorks or iLife files either so it's not just Microsoft.

    That said, there are software applications produced to bridge this gap.

    The longest standing and probably most well known Office Access Application has been Documents to Go by DataViz, who've produced Office compatibility software since the time of the Palm Pilot for pretty much every mobile computing platform you can think of. The software is $10 on the app store and it works on iPhone and iPad. There is a premium version with more features for slightly more.

    If you don't HAVE to work in Office but just need an office suite the iWorks suite of tools (Apple produced) does a good job also, each of them are available on your iDevices also.

    This said, in my humble opinion, an iPad is NOT a replacement for a laptop. If the vast majority of what you want to do is "intel" based (you are using outlook for e-mail, word/excel exclusively for your work, or other windows only applications) you are probably better off NOT trying to retrofit what you're doing and try to find some way to have the iPad work for you.

    Do some research on google for the applications you use and what is available through the app store.

    Keep in mind though that for the amount of money you're going to spend on an iPad, Bluetooth Keyboard, and Case to carry them, you can also buy a very nice workable laptop that will do everything you want it to do how you want it to do it. It may not be as portable, but it will likely be more functional.

    IMO: iPads are accessories in ADDITION to Laptops, not in replacement of them, unless all of your work is primarily done on apps you can download to your iDevice.

    • Answered by Douglas W from O Fallon
    • Apr 26, 2012