why has the icon showing the amount of charge turned black?

My IPad Air seems to be getting hot and the icon showing the amount of charge it has left is black instead of its usual red. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

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  • If your i-pad Air battery icon is usually red I suggest you have a charger or possibly a deeper problem within the unit. It ought only to be red when a low level of charge remains, something less than 15%. You ought to be getting a low charge alert at that point and it changes to red then.

    Newer i-pads have a more powerful charger than earlier ones, 10w or more. Are you using the one which came with the device?

    The battery icon has two colour states in normal use, white or black. This varies with the background but only for contrast.

    The temperature of the i-pad does change as you use it. Often this is located as a discernible (to your finger) patch in a small area of the screen or back, often near the Lightning socket. Older MacBooks do the same. Doesn't seem to affect performance.

    As I have recommended before, download the user guide [free] from the i-tunes store appropriate to your model of i-pad or i-phone.

    • Answered by Bruce N L
    • Nov 16, 2016