If I try ios7, and don't like it can I reset my iphone 5, and go back to ios6 by resetting my iPhone if ios7 doesn't work out for me?

I have visual problems which might make the flat, low contrast pastel color schemes & thinner text difficult for me to see well, even thought I alternate wearing 2 different pairs of prescription mufti-focal glasses. I'm afraid to try the upgrade without knowing if it will work out for me, and not knowing what I can do if it doesn't.

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    No, they don't have an option for you to go back to a previous version of iOS. I'd recommend trying out someone else's iPhone. Possibly a friends, or go to the closest AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Apple store and try out a display device.

    • Answered by Justin W from Wheeling
    • Oct 7, 2013