can you have acess to utube on the ipod

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  • I can only answer with respect to the iPodTouch5, since that's the only iPod I know anything about.

    The answer is YES. I have the YouTube app on my iPodTouch5. It's great! It recognizes / remembers me through my login exactly the same as on my MacBook. Unfortunately, need WiFi in order to access the videos (even if they're on your playlist). But YouTube does that deliberately -- so basically you have access to everything you can access on the MacBook.

    You can also get to YouTube via Safari on the iPodTouch5, but the app is much much better on iOS.

    Oh -- the videos look GREAT on the iPodTouch5 Retina screen!!!!!

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Mar 15, 2013