ipod touch can you still get podcast? I see you can on the shuffle,nano and classic.

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    Yes but you have to download apple Podcast app.

    • Answered by Christian H from Orange Park
    • Oct 19, 2012
  • You can not get podcast online like an iPod Touch or iPad connected to WiFi

    But you can get the podcast on your computer and transfer to any iPod

    • Answered by John G from Miami
    • Oct 19, 2012
  • of course! the touch is the best choice for podcasts as you can download them directly from itunes via wifi, or even stream them from a website. also, you can still do it the old fashioned way by using a computer and itunes and syncing via the wired connection. my favorite though is the new streaming apps out there. there are 2 main ones; tunein and stitcher. tunein has tons of radio stations as well as podcasts, but stitcher has radio too and has many many more podcasts available to stream. what's cool about stitcher,(and tunein), is that you can select a podcast and while you are listening, it will buffer and save the entire show so you only need a wifi connection for a few moments while it loads, then you can leave the house for a run or bike. stitcher also has great presets where you can make playlists of your favorite podcasts and find them easily next time. it's free too! the ipod touch IS a pocket computer as well as an mp3 player, and camera now too. i can not imagine not having one.

    • Answered by Andrew S from Lehigh Acres
    • Oct 18, 2012