is there a case with a belt clip for the iPod touch? I want it protected like the slider and don't want it to fall out of my pocket if I bend over

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    I like the leather cases made by Griffin and ILO. ILO cases tend to be a bit less expensive, and in my experience, just as good as Griffin cases. Some are available on the Apple store, and you can find them at other online retailers, as well as the big box electronics places.

    • Answered by M G D from Manla
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • Here's one I found in the Apple Store for iPod Touch.
    There's tons more online though, its all up to you what kind you want. The premium leather one looks funky (in my opinion), so this one looks pretty decent.

    Griffin Survivor + BeltClip for iPod touch (4th Gen.) (I cant attach a link, so you will have to find it yourself)..

    • Answered by Ronald B from Brantford
    • Sep 12, 2012