Which iPod is best for my 15 month grand daughter's music?

I have an IPod with music for my granddaughter. She enjoys "her" music so much, I would like to purchase a simple, not too expensive product for her to load with her favorites. Thought about the IPod Nano but there is no display so how can you find the music you may want; I.e. sleep time versus play songs.
Pls advise

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    The iPod that has no display is the shuffle, not the nano! But giving the specifications you have provided I would go with the 16GB iPod nano, which is cheap and can store a fair amount of songs, videos, audiobooks etc. hope this helps

    • Answered by James A
    • Apr 11, 2013
  • The latest nano is good. Comes in different colors, has touchscreen
    controls, radio, Bluetooth, plus she can watch VIDEO. Relatively low price point.
    The adults can control what goes on the iPod.

    • Answered by John T from Antioch
    • Apr 10, 2013
  • All my kids have iPod, and all the iPods are different.

    The feature I like on most of them is the "sleep" feature, that will turn off the music after, lets say, 60 minutes.

    Most iPods (if not all) have sleep timers, which you can set on your own. (Look at article TA26500 on Apple's site for details).

    Since your 15 month grand daughter will not manipulate the device (not yet...), you don't need a fancy one. A iPod Classic should be enough. The first advantage of the Classic is that it holds TONS of music, and only that.

    The second advantage is that the Classic STILL has the 30-pin connector! This is important if you want to buy a small amplifier to plug the device into it. These are still the most common connectors for stereo systems and even cars. So it's a good investment.

    • Answered by Bernard D from Rosemere
    • Apr 6, 2013