Are files from Operating system 9 compatible with Operating system 10 and above??

My dad would like to purchase a new IMAC. All of his files were made in operating system 9. He went to the local authorized Apple shop in Wichita, KS and they said that all the new Apple computers can only handle O/S 10 and above. Thank you.

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    That's true.

    There are other options, but its pretty tedious, and unless you know a Mac guru who would do the work for free, probably pretty expensive.

    Earlier Apple hardware configurations (think PowerPC) supported "Classic" (essentially OS 9) running under OS X. If you know someone who has an older Mac, or if you are willing to buy one used, it may be possible to bring those files forward. The process requires some technical savvy, and you should be able to search the Internet for a description of the process.

    The other part of the answer is upgrading the files themselves. In many cases, the program you were creating and using the files with under OS 9 will no longer be available. Or, as in the case of Quark Xpress and some Aldus/Adobe files for example, the old file format is completely foreign to the latest version of the software. This means -- for these files -- you will need to track down an older version (perhaps several versions) of the software, and make progressive upgrades to bring the files current.

    Also, there may be conversion software available which performs this file update in a single step.

    You may want to search the Internet for suggestions regarding your specific software, and begin asking around among computer professionals in your area for recommendations. Most communities have a Mac User Group which would be a great place to start.

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • Jun 6, 2012