Best mac computer for my needs... best bang for my buck? What can handle adobe products best?

Its pretty much time to upgrade and I'm searching for the best mac computer that will allow me to do my homework and business work! I want to keep costs below $3000 if possible. I'm sure this new mac will last long like my mbp but looking for at least 3yrs.

I'm a photographer so use photoshop a ton as well as BR. Currently going to school for web design & interactive media and have been doing a lot of work in Illustrator and InDesign. Usually I need to have a web browser open as well. Sometimes I play SC2 but more interested in the computer being able to handle the adobe products.

Right now I have a macbook pro that is over 4yrs old which is still going strong BUT with the newer products coming out it IS getting to the point where it can no longer handle these programs. EX: Picking a font in InDesign will make it crash... like 10 times. Sometimes it gets to the point I have to force the computer to shut off because it runs so slow.

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    If you are using Adobe products you need a screen large enough to see your graphic work. I recommend an iMac. You can look in a store or online to see which screen size fits your needs.

    If you cannot afford an iMac consider a mac mini and use your own monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    • Answered by Thomas C from Albany
    • Sep 28, 2011