Best mac for music studio

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  • I'm no expert in this area but I do know a fair amount about Macs and Mac software. So I assume that you would need to run Logic Pro X and/or Main Stage 3.

    Let's assume you would want 16 GB RAM. So that narrows it down to a few different Macs. If I personally was going to buy I Mac for a music studio I would choose a MacBook Pro with Retina display 13" or 15" depending on what/when/where it was going to be used. As for a desktop I would recommend a iMac (either size would work). The Mac mini would be a bit underpowered and the Mac Pro would be overkill.

    Now let's assume that you would want/need more RAM than that. If that is the case then a laptop is out of the question. I would recommend the 27" iMac or the Mac Pro. If you go with the Mac Pro you would only need a 6-core processor at the maximum.

    Whatever you decide I would recommend upgrading to an i7 processor and if you upgrade the iMac get Fusion Drive or a Solid State Drive, or if this is out of your budget try to upgrade what you can.

    • Answered by Brett D from Naperville
    • Jul 10, 2014