Best portable laptop for school?

I was wondering what is the best portable laptop for school. I am deciding between the MBA and the MacBook. I just use my Mac for word processing and web surfing. I will carry around my computer a lot also.

Thank you

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    There are benefits to both the Air and the Pro.
    If you are taking notes during class, I would get the Air, just because it is easier to carry around from class to class, and it wouldn't weigh much.

    The MacBook Pro is better if you are working more at home.

    Pros and Cons to both

    MacBook Pro:

    More space
    Better if working at a desk
    bigger keyboard (so better for typing essays)


    Heavy to lug around

    MacBook Air:

    easy to just put in your backpack


    More fragile.

    I am currently using the Pro, and I love it. I would recommend the Air to you (just because you need to carry it around), but either way, you can't go wrong

    To keep it short,
    If you need portability I would go with the MacBook Air.
    If you need space, I would go for the MacBook Pro.

    • Answered by Alison W from New York
    • May 23, 2012