can i install more programs to the imac?

I want to buy my wife a new computer for her birthday. we both have ipods iphones an ipad and a macbook, so i want to buy her an imac. she is still on maternity leave from work ( she does graphic design for the government) If i buy the imac or imac pro can i install a graphics program and other programs to them?

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    Absolutely, you can install software on either the iMac or the Mac Pro. Both of those are full computers with the ability to run applications like the full version of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign, etc. However, the apps for the MacOS (which run on the iMac or Mac Pro) are different than the apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch (these run on iOS).

    • Answered by Karen I from Findlay
    • Jun 6, 2012