Can I use a mac mini as a everyday computer until I get imac ?

Can I use a mac mini as a everyday computer? I will upgrade to something like 4 or 8 GB Ram and will be using a HD top spec monitor and even probably upgrade the hard drive or use external drives but will the mac mini do the job?

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    Yep! A mini is a desktop computer and is a really good everyday computer. You can upgrade the ram from 4 gigs to 8 gigs. You can also upgrade the hard drive for the Mac mini also. The Mac mini is an awesome computer and will get pretty much any job done!

    • Answered by Braydon C from Saskatoon
    • Aug 16, 2012
  • The Mac mini will do the job. I use mine on a daily basis surfing the web, watching/creating videos, editing photos and creating documents such as word, spreadsheets, etc. I have mine connected to my 42" HDTV via HDMI. Great for watching Netflix.

    • Answered by Justin D W from Maple Valley
    • Dec 4, 2012