Can I watched on my Plasma 50" any web programming if I buy an iMac 27"?

I know there is an Apple gadget Mushi HDMI adapter that you can connect to your iMac one end and the HDMI on the other end to the TV. But the 27" iMac is too big and heavy to have it next to the TV. So I am asking if there is some gadget from Apple that allows you to shoot anything you are watching in your laptop to the TV remotely? Apple TV does not do it. Only certain programming they have the rights or partnership with. It does not work with European website like RTVE.ES (Spain) for example. Right now I have to plug my Windows 7 laptop to the TV but I get lousy reception not HD because I do not have an HDMI port in my laptop. I go thru a conversion kit PC to TV.
Does anyone knows of such a gadget?

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