Does the new macbook pro hi-res antiglare upgrade include 1GB GRAM?

The upgrade options for the new MB Pro (not retina) include an antiglare hi-res screen of 1,680-by-1,050 pixels. While the specs for the refurbished machines do give the video ram (GRAM) and show the antiglare hi-res option to include 1GB GRAM, the selection of options for the new machines does not. The graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M) does support 1GB GRAM, so does the upgraded resolution also include the 1GB GRAM?

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    Hi Richard,

    The NEW 2.3GHz configuration does not include 1GB GDDR5 memory. Only 512 GDDR5 memory. Last years model MBP did include 1GB. I'm running last years model and I'm VERY HAPPY. Just upgraded the hard drive with SSD and RAM to 16GB's. Blazing speeds and a touch cooler while running video intensive programs.

    From Apple Comparison Chart under Graphics and Video Support :

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB of GDDR5 memory (15-inch 2.3GHz configuration)


    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory (15-inch 2.6GHz configuration) and automatic graphics switching

    • Answered by Matthew S from Brooklyn
    • Jul 12, 2012