Help! Should I get the MacBook pro 13" or 15" for photoshop and general movies, music, Internet and "future proof-ability"?!

I want to buy a Macbook pro but cannot decide between the top end 13" or the bottom end 15". I would use if for general stuff and probably the most processor consuming task is photoshop. So I'm stuck between the decision and it would be great if anyone knew if the 13" could handle photoshop and is powerful enough to be future proof (ie. I can use it for 1-2 yrs and not worry about speed.

I like the size & portability and 750gb HDD of the 13" and have an external monitor so screen size isn't an issue at home.

On the other hand is it worth waiting until the new MBP range?

Thanks in advance!

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    For real future proofing I'd go with the 15" because of their quad-cores. The 13" easily does what you want but since you want it future proofed I say 15".
    1-2 years no speed problems for 13" but any longer I'd go with 15"

    It could be worth waiting for the new range, depending on how long until you need a new one.

    • Answered by Louise N from Happy Valley
    • Apr 18, 2012