i have a 13" macbook, would like a 11" macbook air. what are the differences? i only use it for ichat, emails, social network and googling etc

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    The 11" Air would be perfect for you. Coming from a 13" MacBook to an 11" Air, you would loose some ports (firewire, ethernet, etc) and the optical (CD) drive, but what you gain in loosing these is a much thinner and lighter, highly portable computer. (also, there are USB adaptors for many of these missing ports, should you need them). With flash storage a standard in the MacBook Air (vs. a spinning hard drive in the 13" MacBook) and the use of intel core i5 and i7 duel core processors, it is much faster at tasks like booting up (done in 10-15 Seconds), and opening up applications such as Mail, Safari and FaceTime. The Air also has a backlight keyboard, a nicer display than the 13" MacBook (as far as pixel density goes), a FaceTime 720p HD camera, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, as well as some of the fastest wireless connections available (wifi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0). Over all, the 11" MacBook air is a fantastic machine and the ideal option for a person with your needs. I would suggest going for the $1099 model over the $999, due to the fact the lower priced model only comes with 64GB of storage versus the $1099 model starting at 128GB.

    • Answered by Patrick W from Harvest
    • Aug 20, 2012