I have an iPad and wanted to know if I would be better off buying a Mac mini IMac or a MacBook pro

I currently own a MacBook that is about 8 years old and in dire need of being replaced. I am debating whether or not to get an iMac, MacBook pro, or Mac mini. I have a 37" TV screen I could use with the Mini, or the MacBook for that matter. I also own an iPad, so I don't know if I would miss the portability of a laptop. I am in the military, so I move around every few years and when I am in one place it is usually in a dorm-like setting, so space is somewhat of an issue. That's why I figured the mini and the TV screen would be a good option. I wouldn't be running anything crazy on it, watching movies, a little photoshop here and there, and just regular use, so I am also unsure of what speed I would want. I don't game or anything. Thanks for the input.

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    I can't tell you what fits your needs but maybe my story would help. I am an IT pro and was a serious PC guy, but just switched to MAC at home about a year ago.

    Started with an iPad. Then got a Mini, then an Air for portability and those rare moments when i needed a full PC and the iPad wouldn't do.

    Fast forward one year, and just recently I sold the Mini and the Air to get something that has the horsepower, storage and portaability all in one (13" Macbook Pro). I was evenable to swap out the nearly useless optical drive for a second hard drive.

    I am very happy with the decision to go with the pro. I may not use it nearly as often as my iPad, but it stores my entire library and is pretty portable. As far as connecting to your TV goes, get the Apple TV. I have two and have bought three as gifts for family members. My family has enjoyed thiers as much as I enjoy mine. They rock, anf if you have netflix... well, they rock quite a bit more.
    Just my 2 pennies.

    • Answered by Jeremy B from Dutch Harbor
    • Jun 4, 2012