I want to buy a Mac for school I am only 12 but our school deals mostly with computers would the mac book air be appropriate?

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    Your teacher or school's technical staff would be the best place to ask. There may be school policies or technical needs which will influence your purchase.

    However, I would think that the MacBook Air would be an excellent choice for K-12 education. It is very light weight, and very rugged thanks to its construction and use of flash-based storage. If you go with a 13", not only will you be getting a bigger display, but the battery should get you through your school day without needing to charge.

    Remember it does not come with a CD/DVD drive, so you will be using the optical drives of nearby computers (both at school and at home). If you think this will be a problem, you can get the Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive which plugs into a USB port and plays and burns CDs and DVDs.

    Another option which many schools are using is the iPad. It is even more portable, and more affordable. If you can find out how computers are used in the classroom, it will be a big help in making the best purchase.

    Your school is probably registered with Apple's Education Store; it's the link at the left of the Apple Store web site. You may be able to save money on your purchase. Your school may also have some incentives.

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • Jun 6, 2012