i5 vs i7 13" macbook pro for gaming

Hi, im a college student and i am thinking on buying one of those new 2012 macbook pro's. I would use it primarily for college work / internet / Recording and some stuff on garage band via Apogee one, The thing is i like to play modern games once in a while but i cannot afford the 15" pro so do you think the I7 would make such a huge difference that would justify the extra euros? Or do you think that between the I5 and the i7 there is not a big differece because gaming is neither good in one of them and that i should stick with the i5 cheaper version?

Thank you for your time

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    For gaming you really want a dedicated graphics chip - these are only in the 15" models, so realistically the different between the i5 and i7 will be small, as you'll be limited by the Intel graphics engine which is the same with both processor options.

    • Answered by Ben N
    • Jun 20, 2012
  • The processor that you are talking about is the CPU. The processor that affects gaming is the GPU. On both 13" configurations the GPU is the same and integrated. So no real difference for gaming. But note that the more expensive configuration of the 13" does have more RAM which is useful if you plan on running other applications in the background while gaming. If at all possible, go for the 15" which both have independent GPUs and VRAM.

    • Answered by Thomas H from North Little Rock
    • Jun 20, 2012