I'm a high school student and we are starting a TV studio at school. Should we get a mac pro or IMac?

We'll be doing pretty much everything on a green screen and chromakeying it out. We also want to be able to do recording and things like that too.
I want the mac pro b/c i can put pci audio inputs in it and it seems like it will be faster rendering as to save class time. also would it be worth it to get a second computer to do audio/recording on one while video editing on the other? and if so would you recommend two mac pros or would two imacs be okay? any help would be great

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    Two iMacs would be cheaper and almost as fast, but it doesn't include the PCI audio, so I would recommend a Mac Pro and a iMac.

    • Answered by Sally-ann P
    • Nov 22, 2012
  • If you are doing this at school it would seem more sensible to buy 2 x MacBook Pros with retina display as is the most up to date and portable. There is nothing wrong with getting an IMAC but portability would be an issue.

    • Answered by Katrina M from Gold Coast
    • Nov 15, 2012