I'm considering a laptop for my small business - which is better, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

I'm ready to ditch the desktop, and want to know which is the better laptop for me, Pro or Air? Our office has a central server to store our files, so storage is not a big concern. But weight/size is not a big concern either, since I would be carrying it around campus, just from my car to the office.

Main programs I'll be running are e-mail, web browsing, MS Word, Excel. I'll be doing lots of word processing and staring at the screen all day. I do occasionally need to view docs/files on a CD or DVD, but not very often. Not much video or photos. No games (just work).

Do I want a bigger screen - Pro with 15"? Or is the flash drive on the Air all its cracked up to be and worth the small screen? Are both keyboards equally good? Again, I'll be doing LOTS AND LOTS or typing. And do I want RETINA DISPLAY - is it worth the extra $? To save $, I'm considering a refurbished model for whichever I buy.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!

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    With what you would use your Macbook for, the Macbook Air would be a better choice. Screen size isn't to important when doing word processing, emailing, or web-browsing. The air does have the FLASH storage as you said, which is very good. It can be up to four times (4x) faster than HHD storage (The one the Macbook Pro uses). If you need to use CDs/ DVDs, you can always bye the Apple USB SuperDrive. Also, the FLASH Storage will allow the MacBook Air to hold up a lot longer than the Pro. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the same cost, so if I were you I would definitely go with the MacBook Air. Both Keyboards are basically the same. (Apple is known for having the best keyboards.) The Pro Retina is actually similar to the air despite it's name. It has FLASH storage, and no CD/DVD drive either. The Pro Retina is better than the air, but also more expensive. for what your using it for, the Air would be a better choice.

    PS. A refurbished Macbook Air is almost as good as a new one. I would highly recommend buying Apple Certified Refurbished.

    • Answered by Connor B from Golden
    • Apr 29, 2013