is a macbook pro 13" good for a main computer?

HI, I'm building a home studio and I'm looking to buy a mac.

I was going to go for the iMac but I don't think that's a good idea because I'm in front of a window so the glossy screen will be too reflective.

I'm thinking of getting the new 13" macbook pro 2.9ghz model, and buying a 27" 1080p matte monitor to use it with.

It will be my main computer and set up, so I was wondering if it would be good to do all tasks on like using logic studio and premiere pro, but also games like minecraft etc.

Or do I need a more powerful device?

Thank you very much!

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    im 13, and i have a 13inch macbook pro 2011 base model connected to an Asus monitor with a set of speakers if u are looking to do something like that then i think it would do u well. i have though myself been looking to upgrade to a 27inch imac because of the simplicity of all those accessories in one. i haven't ever use any of the logic pro software but play casual games such as minecraft and other games. for this it works like a dream. so if i were u i would think a little harder about the macbook or getting an imac but either way im sure u will be more than satisfied with ur purchase. also just to throw it in get a magic mouse and wireless keyboard they add to the apple look and work amazing

    • Answered by Milton W from East Freetown
    • Jun 28, 2012