Is the keyboard on the 15inch MacBookPro the same size as the keyboard on the 13inch MacBookPro?

I'm planning on purchasing a new MacBookPro. I like the portability of my current 13-inch MacBook, and would be happy with a 13-inch Pro, but I see that the new MacBookPros have speakers to the right and left of the keyboard. I'm assuming that means that the keyboard is squeezed into a smaller space. If I go with a 15-inch MacBookPro, would the keyboard size be larger than the one on the 13-inch Pro?

2 Answers from the Community

  • yes

    • Answered by Julian J from Statesboro
    • Jul 28, 2013
  • I was at the store today and was looking at exactly the same thing.

    The keyboards LOOKED the same and a salesperson said he thought they were the same. The 15 has more space around the keyboard itself, including the speakers on each side and a little more room around the trackpad.

    for some reason though, the 13 felt better to me to type on than the 15.
    I am thinking to make a transition from a Lenovo keyboard which is fantastic to a Mac. Keyboard comfort for typing is one of the highest priorities for me

    I am wondering if someone knows the actual dimensions or the spacing between the keys on rMBP 13 vs 15?

    Much appreciated

    • Answered by Yelena S from Marina Del Rey
    • Aug 10, 2013