Mac book pro or Mac book air?

I am entering high school and I am having the most difficult time deciding what Mac I should get. I want to get the one that is right for me. The Mac book air is significantly lighter which is convenient when I am taking my computer to school but the pro has more memory, a DVD slot and in my opinion is better looking. From the beginning I have wanted the pro but I have been talked out of it many times and I have asked many people what one I should get and most people say the air for it's portability and weight but only one person recommended the pro. So right now I am leaning towards the pro because I have liked it from the beginning but I just wanted to get some more opinions before I made my final decision.

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    If you have not already made your purchase, then my quick thoughts.

    It depends on what you plan to do at school, and to be honest, what you plan to do after. Because of the durability of laptops, think of what you need for a while.

    If you need to complete assignments, (using word processor, spreadsheets, presentations etc, then either will do. If you plan to do graphics/ photo's/ videos/ games, then the pro is definitely the way to go. I have used an 11" air for over a year, and it seems to handle photo editing and graphics quite well (as long as I do not use many layers) but anything more heavy duty, it struggles a little. For games, only the light-weight games in iTunes run very well. Some of the more flashier games also struggle.

    The long term issue is the one I think dictates your choice. If you plan to do more with your laptop in the future, then a pro is the better choice. The portability of the Air is the killer reason I stayed with it.

    • Answered by Andy P
    • Sep 19, 2012
  • Yes, get the Macbook Pro. You pretty much answer the question for yourself. I was the same way myself, the Pro just looked better and felt better to me. I am sure there will be Air users that disagree..The only thing is portability, that concerns me a little but just entering high school, do you have alot of music and photos, movies..How much storage do you need? Thats one thing that you need to think about. If you go for the Air, get plenty of storage because after purchase it is pretty hard to change out. Although maybe later down the line a 3rd party will make SSD drive that you can put in the hard drive that comes in the MacBook Pro. As of today I have the Macbook Pro Retina and I just purchased my mother one, so you know my choice will be the Pro but either way you will have a great machine. Once you go Mac, you will never look Back...........Enjoy

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Aug 20, 2013