MacBook Air 13" Vs. Macbook Pro Retina 13" ?

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    Macbook Air:

    + Thinner
    The rMBP has an empty space in the middle because it was designed to hold a large Fusion Drive, but then Apple backed out and only offered an SSD. (Discovered by

    + Lighter (by 1/2 pound)

    + Battery life is better (7.5 hours vs. 6.5 hours. Measured by

    = Performance is same (within 10%, which you won't notice. Measured by

    - Screen is worse

    + $400 saving (assuming both have 8 Gb memory)

    Apple charges $100 extra for the Retina display in the iPad (iPad 2 vs. iPad 3/4). Is the upgrade to Retina in a Macbook worth $400 and worse portability?

    • Answered by Justin D from Seattle
    • Dec 5, 2012