Macbook or Macbook Air?

I don't travel to other countries that much but I want something light and I can carry around easily. I am a high school student so I don't need that much space but I need enough. I do have a lot of music because I am a music person. I do surf the web a lot like facebook and twitter. I don't usually use the DVD/CD drive. Should I get Macbook or Macbook Air

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    I bought the 13" with the 256 GB SSD. It is just slightly larger than the 11" and the battery life is longer than the 11".
    The larger screen is easier to see.
    This is the most technologically advanced computer.

    • Answered by Matthew J. P from Jamaica
    • Oct 1, 2011
  • I would get the Macbook air 11 inch with the higher gbs so you can easily carry it around but u will have enough gbs. (:

    • Answered by Sara H from Rockfield
    • May 16, 2011
  • Macbook Air.
    More light.
    More easy.

    Don't forget :

    - Hard Disk External / SSD
    - Mini FlashDisk 32GB

    • Answered by Rocky P from Dki Jakarta
    • Jul 6, 2013