macbook or macbook pro?

I'm a junior in highschool and I next year I am going to need my own computer to write papers search the web and other various school tasks. I will be spending a lot of time om this computer. I also want to have enough storage for all of my pictures and music. Watching movies and listening to Pandora are things I will also be doing. It seems as if everyone is puttning down the Macbook and saying to go for the Macbook Pro but I am not sure if I will need it and if it is worth the money. Also I would like to know if a Macbook would last through college. So s the Macbook good? Or can it just not overcome the Macbook Pro's superiority?

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    The MacBook Pro is better than the white MacBook in three big ways: longer-lasting (far more durable), more powerful, and higher resale value. These 3 improvements for $200 more is not small. Unless money is extremely tight, I would say without a doubt go for the Pro.

    • Answered by Benjamin W from Milford
    • Jun 18, 2011