Macbook Pro 13 inch vs 15 inch retina for Gaming

Actually I've got now the high-end early-2011 MacBook Pro 13" with 2.7 GHz, 8Gb Ram and 1TB HD, and, (I know, that's too bad) an Intel HD Graphics 3000 videocard. I do not play a lot, but I really like playing Assassin's Creed and Brotherhood is my favorite part of it. However, I came to realize that this game (which is actually VERY demanding) is running unstably even on minimum settings (which I truly hate to use because all of the game here is right about stunning graphics) In february or may I am considering to buy a new MacBook Pro and I am wondering about which of them, usual Pro 13'', usual Pro 15" or the retina one will give me the maximum possible performance for demanding gaming (of course, it will also be smooth with regular programs). And I also want to know if the game I mentioned will REALLY be able to work in a right way on maximum settings. And also, basically, is a 15" retina worth its money vs the 15" Pro? Thanks in advance, community!!!:)

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    I have a retina and I play games like Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, and other smaller games like Asphalt 6.

    Pros on gaming:

    - stunning 2880 * 1800 display. my SC2 and HoN gameplays are speckless. I can see every detail.
    - Ultra fast processors

    Cons on gaming:

    - overheats easily. and it buurrrnnsss when it overheats. i literally cannot put my finger on the ventilation part (above the function keys) for over five seconds cuz it is sooo hot
    - need to let it rest for 20 minutes ish at times.

    other than that, the MBP retina will run games like Assassin's Creed and Brotherhood with little effort on maximum settings.

    but i don't think the retina isn't worth the money. ppl say the retina really bumped up the cost, but I say it should be a couple hundred dollars cheaper. But if I were you I would get the retina - so much more better than the 15". although you don't have a CD drive and the magsafes aren't the same, the retina MBP really is the best.

    • Answered by Doyoung C from Irvine
    • Oct 16, 2012
  • Depends on how much money you want to spend. Your setup will run Assassin's Creed Brotherhood just fine with your current integrated GPU(Intel 3k) if you use bootcamp and load the PC version of the game on your MacBook Pro. However, if you choose to use OSX as a gaming platform both the new 15 Retina and the non retina MBPs have the same Nvidia 650M Graphics chip(dedicated) GPU. A dedicated GPU will most often times give you the significant jump in 3D action games that you are looking for. Currently i run Bootcamp on my Retina MBP for Borderlands 2 and Starcraft, and OSX for BioShock 2 and Portal 2. They both run fine on either operating system. Hope this helps. Max settings on both avenues. Although, i drop the res to 1600x900 for smooth gameplay.

    • Answered by Jason D from Apo
    • Nov 13, 2012