Macbook Pro 13" or Macbook pro 15"

I'm a high school student who needs a new computer bc my macbook is getting too slow. I'm going to keep my macbook at home mostly but i will be doing essays and what not on it so i'll be using microsoft word, powerpoint, and excel… I will no longer be playing games on my computer and the budget isnt going to be much of a issue. i just want to know which could be faster, better, longer battery life, faster videos and web loading capabilities will be better. The macbook pro 13" or 15". Thankyou!

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    First, before buying a new computer, have you considered steps to speed up your existing MacBook? Consider bringing it to an Apple store or other qualified service provider for an evaluation of what improvements could be made. There is software available to reduce fragmentation, and remove unused files or bloatware. Perhaps more RAM or a hard-drive upgrade would make a difference?

    That said, both the 13" and 15" will have the same performance in terms of networking. The 15" has a larger battery, but it powers a larger screen, so battery performance will also be similar.

    Otherwise, the 15" models will do everything faster, with a quad-core processor and separate graphics card (opposed to just the Intel graphics with shared memory on the 13").

    If budget is truly no object, make sure you bump up the hard drive to at least 7200 rpm (or go solid-state), and get the hi-res display. If budget allows, max out the processor and RAM, or move up to the 17"!

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • Jun 6, 2012