MBP 13" or Air 13" with Parallels

How well does the MBP 13" or Air 13" run Parallels. I need to be able to run Ubunto, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 7 as a VM but only plan on having one run at a time. It doesn't need to run at full speed but I also don't want to watch the screen redraw itself or to experience pauses. I'm leaning towards the MBP but don't particularly like the glossy display so am leaning towards the Air. The Apple store suggests I go with the MBP, preferably the 15" for its quad-processor. I could go with boot camp but don't like the idea of always having to reboot each time I want to switch to another O/S. Or will neither work for my needs and I really need the 15". If neither works then I'll just get the Air and a desktop to run Win 7 and load the Virtual Machines in that.


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    I cant speak to Parallels, but I am using VMWare Fusion to fun Win7 as a VM on my Macbook Air 13". It works perfectly including passing peripherals (USB devices etc.) to my choice of OSX or Win7. And I have to admit that the Win7 desktop looks and feels stunning on the Thunderbolt monitor as well. Unity, Single Window, and Full Screen mode all work great.

    Just keep in mind that VMs (essentially independent systems) can take up a lot of disk space if you are planning on using them extensively. Get the right size HD accordingly.

    • Answered by Elias F from Lehi
    • Nov 16, 2012