My daughter is in high school and i want to know which mac would be the best for her; the macbook pro or the macbook air?

She needs something easy to work on with projects and is easy to take with her...

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    The MacBook air is the best portability wise, but lacks an optical drive which is needed for using cd's and dvd's. This can be solved ny purchasing an external optical drive from Apple for about $80. The other issue with the Air is its limited (affordable) storage. Upgrading its flash memory is freaking expensive whereas with a Pro you get 500gb standard. If she doesn't have a big media library (movies and music) then it - shouldn't - be a problem, bit with a Pro it - won't - be a problem. Also is the compiter will be used to do any kind of video editing or gaming go with a pro, preferrably a 15 inch model.

    • Answered by Thomas H from North Little Rock
    • Jun 20, 2012