My Dell computer has recently crashed. Can Apple transfer files from the Dell to the new computer?

The Dell can probably be fixed and files restored however I do not want to pay to do so when I'm moving towards Apple. Just wondering if Apple could take care of the file transfer for me or do I have to repair the Dell first.

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    I don't personally work for Apple but sure they will be able to assist.

    Whether or not you can transfer data depends on what you mean by crash. If your hard disk crashed then I would say goodbye to any data on your old pc, and recommend that when you get your new PC/MAC that you buy a USB disk and start backing up your files regularly.

    If your disk has not crashed then you're in luck and you can do the transfer one of two ways:
    1. take it to a specialist
    2. take the drive out of the Dell, throw the Dell in the bin. Get a disk caddy that allows you to connect an internal drive (i.e. the drive you just took out of the Dell) to another PC/MAC via USB. Make sure that if you're going out to buy a disk caddy specifically for this drive then either get your specifications right (i.e. 2.5 SATA or 3.5 SATA or 3.5 IDE etc....) before shelling out the money for it, might be best to take the drive with you, just make sure you don't drop it, zap it or expose it to some electro magnetic field or you may as well throw the drive out an not bother. Connect the drive to the new PC/MAC and then use finder to transfer it over.

    Then take a backup of your new drive!

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Ed P from Sydney
    • Apr 10, 2012