PC to Mac: Can a Mac handle my "PC" business needs?

I work for a small company and need a new laptop. I would love to justify a new Mac (Macbook Pro) because I love the hardware and think the OS is good, however am concerned I won't have a smooth transition.

I've been a PC user my whole life, although recently bought an iMac for all multimedia tasks, so have a decent understanding of the OS. I use my laptop mainly for work. My main business uses are Quickbooks and MS Office (including Outlook). I've done enough research to know that the Mac version of Quickbooks won't support all the features I need (i.e. Payroll) and therefore have to use either Parallels, VM Fusion, Bootcamp, or something similar that can run Windows based software.

I'm not totally opposed to running a software like Parallels, but am wondering if anyone can give feedback who is in the same situation. I almost feel like running Windows based software on a Mac makes buying a Mac a moot point, not to mention any compatibility issues that might arise.

Additionally, there doesn't seem to be a great option for creating a workstation with a Macbook Pro (unless I'm missing something). Currently I have a Lenovo Thinkpad with docking station that works great. Anytime I want to work in another room I just undock and take the laptop with me. From what I've researched, I can connect multiple devices to a Macbook (i.e. external monitor, hard drive, speakers, etc.), however would have to disconnect all devices whenever I want to move. I assume there's a better solution.

So, I would love to pull the trigger on a Macbook Pro for my business needs, however don't want to run into a bunch of issues going from PC to Mac. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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    A view year ago I was in a similar predicament like your self should I switch from a PC based OS to an Apple OS System. I am running a small Accountancy firm and we used Quicken at the beginning but this type of program did not meet our requirement and consequently we switch to MYOB for PC. Due to several hardware and software issues with our PC based System we decided to switch to Apples OS platform.
    To ensure minimum down time we run both system concurrently for approx. one week this gave us enough time to familiarise us with Apple OS System. I also strongly recommend to take up Apple extended Warranty to provide you with excellent technical phone support for any software / hardware problem you may encounter.
    Any Virtual Machine such as Parallels or VM Fusion will support any PC based OS System. hence you have no problem run Quicken or MYOB. One of the big advantage of the Virtual Machine is, that you can click and drag any file between PC OS and Apple OS and visa versa. However there is one point to note if you are using a Virtual Machine, your virtual machine can use up to 250GB disc space over a 3 year time frame.
    If you intend to use bootcamp this is a very solid platform and is an excellent product to use. The only disadvantage with bootcamp is, you have to shut down your Computer to switch between Windows PC and Apple OS.
    Over the past 3 years we have use VM Fusion, Parallels and bootcamp, and each product satisfied our need at that point in time.
    However during the last four weeks we have upgraded our System to latest Apple Product Mac Mini Lion Server. Excellent product and very cost effective.
    Mac Mini Lion Server Net work configurations (Wireless) 2 x iMac and 2 x Mac Pro Laptop. Lion Server is backed up 2T Raid HDD.
    We have also remote access to the Lion Sever Via Remote Desktop Connection using Aqua connect.
    We have also switched from a Windows Based Accounting System to a Apple OS Accounting System "MYOB Account Edge".

    • Answered by Manfred K from Castle Hill
    • Dec 18, 2011
  • Get a mac you can run windows using bootcamp,VMware fusion,paralles desktop plus on the mac platform malware is very rare get a macbook pro

    • Answered by Nick G from Baileyville
    • Nov 10, 2012