Photoshop Cs4 on mac OSX 10.8.3

Can you install Photoshop CS4 on Mac OSX 10.8.3?

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    I'm running Photoshop CS3 on my iMac whose OS is 10.8.4, and I haven't had any issues so far. Assuming CS3 is working fine, I don't see why CS4 wouldn't, as well.

    • Answered by Bart S from Leetsdale
    • Jul 9, 2013
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    • Answered by Besnik O
    • Oct 22, 2013
  • You are able to. Last I was hearing is that it would crash a lot with the 10.8 update. I am not sure if they have patched it since I last heard, so there is the possibility that it could do the same to you. With that in mind, I would install it and see if the patch is out, worse to worse, you just have to delete it.

    • Answered by Andrew B
    • Apr 16, 2013