Putting a SSD in second Mac Mini slot

I was looking to get a mac mini and wanted to add a ssd to it. i asked a store employee and i dont know if he knew what he was saying cause he had to ask two different people. I have an intel 320 sdd i wanted to add into the mini im going to buy and wanted to see if the apple people would put it in for me cause i didnt want to mess around with the inside. he told me they wouldnt put in third party products. is this true? can i go to a AASP?

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    This is true. Apple will not install third party parts. AASPs, since they are certified by Apple likely won't either, but I wouldn't rule it out. Unfortunately, for users uncomfortable with disassembling computers, buying the expensive SSD from Apple is the best option.

    • Answered by Charles F from Grand Rapids
    • Apr 6, 2012