Remotely turn on Mac Pro using iPad

I need a app or something to remotely turn on my mac pro 12-core using my iPad from anywhere in the world. Guys help me out?

1 Answer from the Community

  • A Mac turned off is an unresponsive Mac. There are apps that can access a sleeping Mac remotely, but if you want/need to have the computer turned off, then I think your only choice is to invest in a remote plug that can be accessed via your iPad. If you set up your Mac to wake after power loss, then when you activate the power plug it will seem to the computer as if it is getting power after an outage and should turn on.

    Belkin makes a switch called the WeMo Home Automator Switch that appears to do this.

    Then you need some app like Splashtop installed on both the computer and the iPad so you can access things on the computer.

    • Answered by Thomas H from West Linn
    • Jul 20, 2013