Should I get a 128gb SSD or a 750gb 5400 7i core Mac pro 13" which is faster? I currently have a pc that's 500gb 7600 2.33 ghz but want to upgrade

Just would like to get a faster , upgradable computer , my current pc has has worked well
For 6 years , but it is a little slow & I can't upgrade anything on it anymore ( I did have to reinstall everything on my own x 2 ) I would like to get a faster PC that will say a long time , that is upgradable - I would plan to upgrade memory stick to 8gb & the hard drive to
500gb SSD in the future ( can't afford it now) -hopefully I could do this myself - can you self upgrade the Hard drive & Memory on the Mac like on a Pc ? Is my adobe CS5 transferable to Mac ? I heard the new Mac Pc will be out soon , should I just wait ? Also what is the difference between the Parallel Software or Windows for Mac . Would like to be able to use my windows software on Mac if that doesn't interfere with the Mac software , is parallel -both windows @ Mac ?

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  • SSD ALL THE WAY i have a macbook 17 and it has the 512 ssd from apple in and its 2 years old use evryday but beats my dads retina macbook 15 top spec model !

    • Answered by Morgen J
    • Oct 12, 2013