Should i get a new iPad or a Macbook Air for college?

i am majoring in biology and I have a new iMac which is great but i need a portable platform to take notes on and type papers at my work study along with other things. im going to be working all summer to get the money to get one or the other. im not sure which to get. if i get an iPad i would get a Keyboard case to use with it. but the Macbook air has more memory and can surf the web in full web pages. im torn between the two. can someone please help? maybe a current student or anybody for that matter. thanks in advance!

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    Based on my experience you can use your iPad for viewing ppt slides, Internet research, reviewing assignments and basic note taking. You will be limited when it's time to write essays, submit assignments or use software that may be required for class . Don't get me you can get by with an iPad but your limited even with the wireless keyboard. I say go with MacBook air. That's what I just did. Good luck.

    • Answered by William P from Plantation
    • Jun 24, 2012
  • Hi Dylan,
    Get the iPad as you have more portability but if you need to open flash websites then buy the MacBook air. The browsing experience is very nice in both the machines. I am using an iPad retina to type this and the experience is very good. I find that the iPad gets more battery hours on the road.
    If taking notes, browsing, listening to music and watching videos with a little gaming goin on is all that you do when you are away from your iMac then buy the iPad. Get a stylus for it and then you could just write on the iPad as if u were using a paper and pen.

    • Answered by Rishi C
    • Jun 26, 2012
  • Often iPad is said to have less productivity, but iWork's is compatible with microsoft office and cheap to buy. I would recommend the Logitech keyboard which is great, acts as a case for the screen and stand. Don't go for the solar charge Logitech keyboard, you can't charge from a socket.

    • Answered by Richard C
    • Sep 6, 2013
  • I am now going to community college to be an elemantry teacher. I just bought an ipad air and am thinking about buying a 13" MacBook Pro. Think about what you want them for. Me, I'm thinking about getting them both just for the heck of it.

    • Answered by Abdur Rahman K from Detroit
    • Nov 15, 2013