Should I get an iMac or a Macbook pro

I am a designer of print, web, apps and sometimes video. I often have very large files and would like to get a computer that is trustworthy and fast. I currently have a late 2010 I-mac and a 2012 macbook air. Both of which cant handle the large files I am working with.

Should I go with the new iMac fully upgraded or the Macbook Pro fully loaded?

Also as a note I do not care about portability.

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    Get the Mac with the best video card that you can afford. The new 27" iMac can be upgraded with a 2 GB video card, upgraded to an i7 processor, and 32 GB of RAM. The new 21.5" iMac has a weak video card that cannot be upgraded. The laptops are not as upgradeable as the iMacs, and will overheat when you try to do advanced graphic work on them.

    • Answered by Daryl T from Junction City
    • Dec 9, 2012
  • It depends, really. If you are on the go, and work in multiple places, then go with the Macbook Pro. If you do your work at home, then the iMac may be a better buy.

    You choose.

    • Answered by Suri 1 from Brampton
    • Jan 25, 2013