Should I get an iMac or Macbook Pro?

I recently graduated college and right on time with graduation, my laptop died, so now I need a new computer. I am not sure that I will really need the same mobility that comes with a laptop that I needed while I was in college, so I am considering just going with the iMac, especially since I still have an HP netbook that is in OK condition (not great). But, I have never owned a desktop computer so I'm just not sure what the pros are to getting the iMac versus a Macbook. I have also considered purchasing an iPad if I get the iMac so that I still have something that I can take with me if I'm travelling, etc. So I guess my question is, should I get an iMac(+iPad, maybe) or the Macbook Pro?

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    I'm not sure why the first response said the iPad has an i5 processor... It doesn't. I would go with the MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina Display

    • Answered by Ryan D from Stigler
    • Oct 29, 2012
  • I currently own a iMac and a iPad 3rd generation,
    The iPad is a great thing to have, it allows me to surf the web, watch videos, listen to music, and use a lot of different apps. The only problem is, is that the iPad does not let you do all of the things you could do on a pc/Mac. You can't play flash videos, you can't use any of the popular software like Microsoft word... ECT.
    From my opinion I think the iMac is a great thing to use for all my needs. The iPad is more like a oversized iPod touch. The pros about the iPad are
    -Retina display
    -i5 processor
    -Very portable
    - Long lasting battery

    The cons about the iPad are
    -No flash support
    -Small screen
    -Over heats
    - No keyboard
    - low quality speakers
    -Doesn't allow the user to use common software/apps
    - Requires a pc or Mac to run

    On the other hand the new MacBook pro with the retina display and the new CPU and sleaker design seems to be like a REALLY good product to have. The pros about the MacBook pro are
    -Retina display
    -i5 i7 processor
    -Really good GPU
    -Allows the user to install and run all software titles even windows based applications
    -Does not over heat
    -Great built in speakers
    - slim design and preformes at great quality
    - great design (looks great)
    - 15" screen
    - Has a keyboard

    The cons are

    - 7 hour battery
    - Expensive
    - Other laptops are cheaper (but don't have much resale value/ as good quality)

    The iMac is a good all in one pc and preformes at a outstanding rate. Here are the cons of the iMac

    -Non retina
    - Older processor
    - Takes up to much space
    - Overheats
    - NOT portable
    - Noisey

    In my POV if you want something that is portable and is able to do what you want and not be limited to what you can do, and still has a awesome performance, I would go with the 15" MacBook pro with retina display And a i7 processor is the best thing to get.

    • Answered by Noah D from Brantford
    • Jul 10, 2012
  • Since you already have a netbook then I would go with the iMac. It's always good to have a nice desktop computer. Also if you need mobility then you have your netbook and iPad so you are good to go with the whole mobility part. It really all comes down to what you want. You should go into an Apple store and check them out, ask questions about them and toy around with them a little bit.

    • Answered by Timmy M from Roanoke
    • Jul 10, 2013