Should I get macbook pro 15 or macbook pro 15 with retina?

Im looking into buying a mac for university in the fall and wasnt sure f i should get the 15 inich pro or 15 inch pro with retina? I am looking at the top pro with 2.6ghz and 750gb and the pro with retina with 2.3ghz and the flash storage of 256 gb. they are the same price so thats not the issue i need to know if getting retina display(and all the new features/design) is worth losing the gb and ghz?

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    I would recommend the Retina. Since i think that Apple will eventually kill of the regular 15 Pro. The Retina is thinner, More power, better features. I dont think that since most of peoples time on computers is online, you wont be using 750 GB, 256 GB is good enough. You could always but a external drive.
    Hope this answered your question

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • Jul 17, 2012