Should I get the "new" Macbook pro, or the Macbook Pro with Retina Display?

I will be using the MBP primarily for music recording, editing, and sampling, and am not sure what would be more useful: A faster CPU with 2.6 ghz and HDD, or the 2.3 Processor and SSD. Both are literally sitting in the same price range, and I wouldn't mind buying a separate HDD. I simply am asking what would be faster and more efficient for my needs!
Much thanks

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    If it's simply a matter of speed, then the Retina with SSD is the way to go. You can upgrade the HD on the non-Retina Pro to a SSD too of course and everything I've heard suggests you should if that is within your budget. That's because the read/write time of a SATA drive is considerably slower and the real bottleneck in an otherwise fast system.

    Interestingly, I'm trying to make the same decision myself and want to use the Pro for the same purpose. I'll go for a SSD even if I get the non-Retina version. I am weighing up the relative merits of a larger hard drive with the Retina version but lack of audio line in and Ethernet (I figure I can get an external SuperDrive if I need it).

    Hope this helps you - either way I think these are awesome laptops for audio.

    • Answered by Jeremy T
    • Sep 2, 2012
  • For the same price I would go with the Retina. It doesn't have a DVD drive built in so if that is important to you get the non-Retina.

    • Answered by Ryan T from Castle Rock
    • Jul 2, 2012