top mac mini or base imac, which would be better for photo editing and general high spec performance

Ok I need to convert my photo editing from windows to mac, I have used editing software on a mac pro but dont have the budget. £1k to spend, which will give me better performance. the top spec mac mini or the base spec iMac?? this will need to run among other programs adobe photoshop ( at very least CS5) but which is going to do the job best of all???..... Help!!

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  • A wise path to follow is to procure best what your pocketbook can afford.

    When the budget is tight, and the demand is great, nothing better than a refurbished unit. Gareth, take a look up above, in that dark grey bar, push store, and then go over to the right side, and type in the search-bar "refurbished imac" and keep an eye out, the list changes often, and rotation varies.

    • Answered by Dean K from Phoenix
    • Nov 27, 2013