what are choices for word processing on the iMac?

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    Hi there,

    There are three options that I know of, even though I'm sure there are plenty more. The first option is Pages for Mac: it is $20 on the Mac App Store. The second option is Microsoft Office for Mac, but you can't just buy Word, you have to buy the whole collection (Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook). The price ranges, the lowest I've seen is $120, so going the iWork route would be cheaper than Office. Pages is fully compatible with Word files.

    The last option is OpenOffice, which is free off the Internet. This is not compatible with Word.

    I also have an iMac, and I went the iWork route. It's cheaper, compatible with Word and if you happen to buy another Mac, there is a way to install it again on another Mac. Sign in to Mac App Store with same Apple ID as you used to buy it in the first place. Go to Purchases, as there should be an option to redownload. It will not charge you again!

    Hope this helped!

    • Answered by Walter K from Ottawa
    • Sep 16, 2012