What Mac laptop should I use for animation? 13 inch macbook pro, or 13 inch air with same upgrades?

I need a laptop that can render frame rates without lag and with exceptional quality to multitasking.

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    For this answer I will assume your animation software is primarily CPU-intensive; animation programs like 3DS Max 2013 do not use the computer's graphics card to speed up the rendering process, although some of its plugins do.
    To your question, the MacBook Air uses processors that specialize in power efficiency (so, working longer on a single battery charge) whereas the MacBook Pro line uses regular notebook processors that are faster but that use more power. A MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i7 processor, say, will therefore be faster than a MacBook Air with a Core i7 and should run animation programs faster.

    • Answered by Fabian M from Moscow
    • Oct 20, 2012
  • PLease, DO NOT use a laptop for animation needs. Get a Imac if anything. I've been using macbook pro's for a few years with Animation, they DO NOT LAST. From 2010 I sent in my macbook pro over 3 times due to over heating and just logic board issues. I just not got a replacement 2014 version (fully upgraded) MBP. My first day, I did a few simple tests, this thing still over heats and even with MORE Memory, it Lags worse than the old one. If you are serious about animation, graphic design, video editing etc. Get an IMac fully upgraded. It's less than the MBP and lasts soo much longer.

    • Answered by Ian W from Elmwood
    • Feb 7, 2014