What's better for a Chemical Engineering college student Macbook Air 13-inch with 8gb ram and 128gb memory or Macbook pro with retina display?

I am entering my second year in college. I have the old black macbook from 2008 and it runs great still. Think it's time for a change and upgrade, I was tired from caring that bulky computer in my backpack. I am a Chemical Engineering student and I am not sure if I would need the bells and whistles with the rMBP, the air's price is much easier on me than the rMBP. I will basically be using it for iTunes, downloading movies, powerpoint and word processing. Just basic student needs. I don't use photoshop or any of the powerful graphic stuff. Occasionally I will use iMovie. My dad said the rMBP will last me forever. What do you guys think will get me the best value out of my money?

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